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Success With Integrity

Serving the Investor Community for Over 30 Years

Since its inception in 1986, Stonecrest has earned the trust of high net worth individuals, RIA’s (Registered Investment Advisors), and family offices who have enjoyed a consistency of returns and appreciate the value we place on integrity and transparency.  We have a long history of successful real estate funds, with a focus on lending and distressed acquisition funds.  Our currently active fund, Secured Income Fund II, is a real estate lending fund that is now available for investment.

A Unique Approach To Real Estate Lending Funds

Unique Business Model

We’re not a typical private equity fund lending to credit-poor, equity-rich borrowers.  Our focus is short term lending solutions for qualified, sophisticated borrowers with a premium on good equity positions and a clear exit path.  So our portfolio will typically emphasize loans to well-vetted, low-risk, fast-moving borrowers who cannot be effectively serviced by banks.

Savvy Underwriting

Our approach to underwriting strikes a balance based on decades of experience.  We have a clear set of strategic guidelines that fosters a disciplined approach to lending.  But we stay nimble enough to evaluate loans on their unique merits, a practice that consistently unearths productive loans that other lenders are not able to execute.

Longterm Success

With over 30 years in business and 20 years of fund management, Stonecrest has built a consistent record of success. Our Private Capital Fund, the precursor to our Secured Investment Fund, operated from 2004 through its full 15-year term (including the recession of 2008) with no loss of principal, no missed dividends, and consistent 7- 9% returns.  Our Secured Investment Fund operates with the same business model and has seen similar results, even through the economic headwinds of the 2020 pandemic.

Consistent Deal Flow

We’ve spent decades creating relationships in the lending community, including banks, mortgage brokers, real estate firms, and more.  Our track record, reputation and a robust network of referral sources enable us to maintain a strong portfolio of loans.

To learn more about our lending arm, click below:

Featured Fund: Stonecrest Secured Investment Fund II

Our lending fund features an innovative business model that has contributed to a consistent track record of success.  The fund is designed to provide short term lending solutions for sophisticated borrowers.  Managers of the fund solicit, underwrite, process, and fund private money loans for commercial and residential borrowers primarily in California. The Fund has produced a stable yield since inception – outperforming other conservative income markets.   

Secured Income Fund II

An Innovative Real Estate Lending Fund
  • Stable yields.
  • Safe positions in equity-strong properties.
  • Choice between income or compounding distribution.
  • Qualification for 401K, IRA, and pension plans.
  • Professional full-service account management.

What Our Clients are Saying

As a real estate broker, licensed for more than 30 years, my focus has always been mortgage lending. During my career, I learned to effectively determine the creme de la creme among private mortgage lenders. Stonecrest is the top!

Lee Emerson

We like the excellent return rate that the Fund provides in contrast to the relatively low risk profile. I would recommend this investment to even the most cautious investor.”

Judy Bolante, Financial Sales Manager

We’ve been very pleased with the consistency of the returns with the Private Capital Fund. The Managers of the Fund have also done an excellent job and I would not hesitate to recommend the Fund to anyone.

Jeff and Lynne Kravitz, Builder/Developer

Stonecrest has consistently delivered excellent financial results even throughout the mortgage meltdown. I have found the level of professionalism and honesty at Stonecrest to be at an extremely high level.

Richard Kash, Real Estate Investor

I really appreciate the fact that my Investor Relations Manager came to my home to handle my transaction—a real sign of customer service. Great service aside, the interest rate is my favorite feature of the Fund!

Arlene, Retired School Teacher

I am extremely pleased with my investment in the Private Capital Fund. This unique investment opportunity has enhanced and diversified my portfolio and enabled me to profit from a real estate investment without the hassle of owning individual trust deeds and managing the borrower directly.

Rick Harway, Entrepreneur

All dealings with this company and its staff have been free of negativity in any way and more than satisfactory. I have and will continue to recommend the Stonecrest organization to anyone; in plain language – they are fabulous and it is truly a pleasure to deal with them.

Helma Smith

I enjoy the peace of mind that comes with investing in a pool of trust deeds that minimizes the potential loss of capital. I find that Stonecrest has exceptional customer service and I’m looking forward to many rewarding years as a Private Capital Fund investor.

Jim Cramer, Retired Engineer

I have invested my retirement account with Stonecrest. I have full confidence in your experience and your genuine care for my financial stability. I appreciate your vast market knowledge, accessibility and trustworthiness. Now I am excited that my son has started his portfolio with Stonecrest.

Moe Baniani, Real Estate Broker

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